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Art is neither a profession nor a hobby. Art is a Way of being. ~ Frederick Franck


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Born in 1969, Leana de Villiers grew up in the Little Karoo, Western Cape of South Africa. She lives with her husband, son and three cats in the vicinity of Cape Town, which is surrounded by its beautiful mountains, oceans and wildlife and well suited to her love for nature.

Since childhood de Villiers has always been a naturally creative person. As an adult she ventured into making gift cards and did a lot of beadwork which she also sold. The hunger to find that special something which made her tick and complete became stronger until she discovered the wonderful world of painting.

With no formal art education she started her painting adventure in 2000 with an insatiable hunger to learn more and nothing could hold de Villiers back once she discovered her love for art and painting. She believes in the power of dedication, hard work, perseverance and persistence. She is a very keen learner and what she absolutely enjoys about art and painting is that the learning process will never cease, thus it never gets boring. Her knowledge has been built up since 2000 and was gained from reading many art books, doing research online, learning by watching videos, taking online painting classes and then putting all of this into practise.

Painting is what I do; it forms an integral part of my being, my existence, it completes me. The Artists Curse is part of the daily struggle, however at the same time the driving force that pushes oneself and ones abilities further and further, striving to satisfy the Artists soul...Leana de Villiers

De Villiers paints what she is passionate about and thus her inspiration comes from nature, the beauty it holds, colour, texture, her surroundings and objects that holds a special meaning to her.

In the past she painted for fun and as a hobby. She sold many paintings to family, friends and acquaintances.

In 2009 she was involved in a motor vehicle accident and had an injury to her neck. After 2 neck operations she still struggles with pain on a daily basis and painting has become her method of meditation. In 2014 she decided to turn her passion of painting into a full-time career.

Besides painting, de Villiers is an avid hobby photographer, with a desire to capture the beauty of nature and interesting subjects around her.

Member of the Western Cape Artist Society

2014 20 May to 11 April : Twitter Art Exhibition, Orlando, Florida, U.S.A ...Karoo Farm Cottage was one of the first paintings to sell on opening night.
2011 October for 1 month : Solo Exhibition in the Main Gallery of the CopperFlame Gallery
2011 July for 1 month : Solo Exhibition in the Wendle Room at the Virtual CopperFlame Gallery. This exhibition presented all Best In Show artists of the first 7 shows.
2011 June for 1 week : Solo Exhibition in the Thames Room at the Virtual CopperFlame Gallery. Received award for BEST IN SHOW 3.


In my paintings my main aim is to capture emotion, harmony and balance while at the same time I respond to the effects of colour, light and atmosphere and the feelings stirred up within my being when painting and viewing the subject matter.
My abstract paintings are never spur of the moment paintings. My personal feelings are mostly the instigator of the abstract paintings. The idea takes form in my mind weeks or months before the actual painting process. The picture will be replaying in my mind constantly and along with the entire process I make decisions of medium, colour, texture and focal points before the paint is placed on the canvas.
I use Professional Artist quality products and a variety of mediums ranging from acrylics, mixed media and oils, as I enjoy the unique quality that each medium has to offer.
From a young age I have loved nature, especially the sea and the calming effect it has. I have always been fascinated with shells, their shape, textures and the variety of colours they come in.
Shells are symbolic to me and in a way reminds me of human beings. All the different shapes, textures and sizes of the shells symbolize diversity. Shells gave shelter to an animal that once lived in them, giving protection, just like a uterus protects a foetus. Sometimes we might say to somebody that is perhaps shy, ‘you need to get or crawl out of your shell’. In other words, show to the world who you really are or allow people to get to know the real you. Although shells symbolize protection, they also symbolise fragility at the same time as they are very fragile and can break easily. As human beings we can also feel fragile physically, mentally or emotionally. The shells we pick up along the beach most of the time, do not have any living animals in them and thus the shell is the only proof of their existence once upon a time. These animals have perhaps died and the beautiful shells remain, which symbolises to me the human being’s desire to leave behind some sort of inspiring legacy.

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Solo Exhibition in the Main Gallery of the CopperFlame Gallery for the month of October 2011.
Solo Exhibition in the Wendle Room at the Virtual CopperFlame Gallery for the month of July 2011. This exhibition presented all Best In Show artists of the first 7 shows.
Solo Exhibition in the Thames Room at the Virtual CopperFlame Gallery for 1 week in June 2011. Received award for BEST IN SHOW 3.






On My Way


The Visitor


Yellow Glory


Africa In A Tree


Relax With A Cuppa Java


Protea Bliss


Open Wide


Natures Heart




Cautious Curiosity




Wings And Dewdrops 3


Face In The Maple Tree 3


Wings And Dewdrops 2


Face In The Maple Tree 2


Face In The Maple Tree


Wings And Dewdrops


Autumn Dew


Eternally Yours




In Late Afternoon Glow


Bottoms-Up 3


Bottoms-Up 2